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Still have questions about how YOU. Group works with startups and founders?

  • Are you willing to sign an NDA?
    No problem. Send us your NDA and we will return a signed copy before beginning any work.
  • How fast can you deliver?
    Once we understand your requirements, we can give you an estimated timeline. A redesign of an existing document may only take a few days, but projects that require in-depth research will take longer. Client feedback is also a critical component in calculating the timeline. The sooner you can sign off at each step, the faster we can move forward. We can accept rush jobs for an added fee.
  • Can I see examples of your work?
    Sure. We provide a few samples of our pitch decks on the portfolio page, but we can share examples and case studies from different types of deliverables according to your needs.
  • What do you need from me to get started?
    It depends on the type of project we're collaborating on and the service tier you request. During our discovery call we will learn more about what stage your business is at and what existing materials you already have. Most projects start with a questionnaire. So if you're not sure where to start, you can simply answer the questions to the best of your ability. Any already made resources you can share are always appreciated. This may include: - Pitch Deck - Website - Sales & Marketing Materials - Social Media Links - Branding Guidelines (logos, colors, fonts, tone of voice, etc) - Notes or bullet points that outline your business model, vision, or idea
  • How and when do I pay?
    After our initial discovery call we will issue a proposal detailing the scope of work and the total project fee. Once the proposal is confirmed, we will issue an invoice showing the total project fee and request a 25% deposit before beginning work. We offer secure credit card payments through our website, or we can accept direct bank transfers. Editable source files will be delivered only after the final payment is received. During the course of working together, we will deliver watermarked PDF files and communicate frequently over email and video calls.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with your work?
    We encourage open and honest feedback during the entire collaboration. We're a very small team, so the people you speak with during your discovery call will be the same people working on your project. We've worked with many clients and founders and know how important every single detail is, which is why we build several client checkpoints into the project roadmap. This gives you ample opportunity to make sure things are moving in a direction that meets your requirements. There won't be any unwanted surprises. Unlimited revisions are also part of all our packages.
  • Do you provide an editable source file so we can make changes later?
    Yes, at the end of the project we will deliver a PDF in addition to a PPT (or Word) file so you can easily make edits.
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