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Content Strategy


How do you get into the brain of your customer? Making an impact with words requires empathy, creativity & research.

Are you prepared to dig deep to uncover the inner desires of your target market? Writing a 250 word landing page could be easily done by any intern with a spare hour. But strategically designing a message that converts takes time and practice. 

Social Media Content


Don't have the time or team to write social media posts daily? Our content team has 10+ years of experience helping businesses and entrepreneurs write content that attracts the reader's attention. Expect posts that are unique, related to your niche, and beg to be shared.

Social Media Content

from US$185 for monthly retainer

Mix and Match:

  • Linkedin

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • WeChat

  • Douyin

SEO Optimized Articles & Blogs

US$99 for 500 words
US$198 for 800-1000 words
US$250 for 1200 words

1. Proposed topics

2. SEO keyword research (*added cost)

3. Outline shared

4. First draft shared for feedback

5. Unlimited revisions

Content creation & copywriting available in English & Mandarin Chinese.

Website Copywriting


High-quality website content is one of the best ways to get your product or service into the minds of customers. It requests a combination of data-driven SEO research, captivating tales, and the right call to action. As a startup, your website is often one of the first ways you begin communicating with the outside world. It's also one of the most important items on your early-stage task list.


5 pages or less: US$88/page
6 pages or more: US$79/page
(250 words per page)

1. Review existing content

2. SEO keyword integration

3. Founder interview

4. Share feedback & align new direction

5. Deliver new content copy

6. Unlimited revisions


5 pages or less: US$250/page
6 pages or more: US$230/page
(250 words per page)

1. SEO keyword integration

2. Founder Interview

3. Outline website content strategy

4. Write content and craft the story

5. Unlimited Revisions

Don't see what your startup needs?

Let us know what you're looking for and we can make you a custom proposal

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